Sewing Day--My Favorite!

Spoiler Alert:  Not for Mae's eyes!

My favorite daughter-in-law, Mae, has a birthday this Sunday.  She was on my sewing list today.  Mae, if you're reading, stop right now.

I spent most of the day sewing today.  I finished two more stars for my "Winter Wonderland" quilt.

These are the 6-inch "Cut the Corners" stars.  And I finished the backs for two quilts.  I'll start quilting one next week, and the other is going to my long arm quilter, Tammi.  I'd show a picture, but the backs of quilts aren't much to see.  Gracie joined me for part of the day.  Gracie is a cat of little brain, and she can be a pill because of it.  I can't keep her from getting right in the middle of things, so I created a little bed for her.  I sprinkle dried catnip on it, and she goes crazy for it.  I call it "kitty cocaine."  It keeps her out of my workspace.

With Gracie out of the way, I was able to finish another tulip for my tulip pillowcases.

And, finally, (Mae stop reading right now!  Actually, I have no idea whether she's reading or not.)  I made a little travel tissue holder for Mae's birthday.  She's getting some other stuff too, but this is my home-made gift for her.

When we went to the farmer's market a few weeks ago, she was using toilet paper for kleenex.  I had some with me that I gave her (once a mom, always a mom), but it gave me an idea for her birthday.  This couldn't have been simpler to make unless someone else had made it for me.  Honestly, it took me about ten minutes.  What a great Christmas gift idea!  I got the pattern from Tracy at her Sew Thankful blog.  She used to offer the PDF on the blog, but now I notice that she offers it as a free gift for signing up for her newsletter.  She writes a great blog, and the newsletter is well worth your time.

And this is my 400th post!! 

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Melinda said...

Congratulations on 400 posts - I am looking forward to the next 400.

Kate said...

400 posts? That's a lot of posting! Congratulations!

PJ said...

Congrats on your 400th posting. I enjoy reading your blog.

quiltzyx said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your blue stars & embroidery quilt!

Gracie looks like she could be a bit of a troublemaker - lol.

Nice tissue holder - I've made some of those too, from a pattern I bought at a LQS. They are quick & easy.

Congratulations on post #400! And I'm looking forward to the next 400 too!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Four hundred posts, many more comments, lots of fun people to meet and stuff to sew--what a great day when i stumbled onto Cat patches. Thanks, Barbara.