Quilt Shop: Boersma's

I took the occasion of the Mid Valley Quilt Guild Show to visit Boersma's Sewing Center located in McMinnville, Oregon.  Boersma's is a little farther for me to drive than a few of the other quilts shops in my local area, but it's my absolute favorite!  Upon entering, it's hard to see the store for all the fabric.

There is something for everyone here.  They are absolutely packed to the gills with row after row of quilting fabric and the four walls are lined with it.

They have tons of books, patterns, and notions, and they even rent time and teach classes on their Gammill long arm machines located downstairs.  I took the entry level class a while back.  I was going to go further and try to learn these machines, but then I had a shoulder surgery and had to cancel.  Another time, I hope.

If you look back beyond the long arm machines, you'll see their "bargain basement" fabrics where you can find bolt after bolt of fabric priced at $6 per yard and less.  (I especially love that part of the store.)  I also like their "skinny bolt sale," where you can find some good buys as well.

I ended up purchasing some fabric that would be appropriate for backgrounds.  I have plenty of theme fabrics at this point, and so I'm only looking for things that would work for backgrounds and borders.  Those are often easy to find on sale.

As I said, Boersma's is absolutely my favorite quilt shop in the local area.  It's a bit of a drive for me, and so I don't get there often.  When I do it's a real treat.  I give them five rotary cutters out of five for their top notch fabric selection, good service, good prices, and their long-arm rental and classes. 

It's a can't miss shop if you find yourself in the McMinnville area.

On the way, you can visit the Evergreen Aviation Museum and make a day of it for you and your family.  McMinnville is a fun town to visit with lots of great restaurants and antique shops.  It's worth the drive.

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kathy said...

I'll have to check that out someday when I am driving north. I have never been to McMinnville but have some friends who live near there. It sounds like a really good shop and how many long arm machines are down in the basement? It looked like several.

Jo said...

Now this one I have been to! We were out for a ride on our bikes a few years back and saw it. Fortunatly my DH new better than to drive by or the next time he looked, I would not have been in his rearview.
I agree with you 100% it is one of the nicest quilt shops I have been to in this state. Ok so truthfully I haven't been to that many of them. But this one just reaches out and gives you a big hug!
I have been wanting to take there long arm classes, but this darn nightshift work has so far made that impossible.
They are very helpful and don't mind if you spend hours just walking around and gazing glassy eyed at all the beautiful fabrics.
To top it all off I even know how to get there!