Gracie's Bad Day

Gracie had to go to the vet today.  But before that, I had to fish her out from behind our platform bed because there were some strange men downstairs framing in a closet in our guest room (which previously had no closet).  She was not a happy cat.  The vet gave her a clean bill of health, and she got her annual immunizations.  She was glad to get home again, but those strange men were here all day.  Gracie does not like strangers.  Eventually they left and she curled up at my feet while I did the hand-sewing on a binding.  Things are better now; that is, until she has to go back to have her teeth cleaned.  That will be a bad day too.

Gracie has a pretty plush life in contrast to many cats.  If this is the worst thing that happens to her, she won't have much to complain about.  But she probably will anyway.

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

CatCat wants Gracie to know that she completely understands the need to complain about something and has kindly offered to share her favorite whine-inducing situation in case Gracie finds herself with nothing “real” to complain about: the food bowl bottom is visible, there’s blue plastic showing;

"I (the cat says) must have more food poured into my bowl immediately before I can eat another bite--no matter that there’s still a good half cup of food there for me. I can see the bowl’s blue bottom and that’s not Right. MMmrrrrrawoawoaw, mmmmaaaammmmmaaaaaa."

sophie said...

My cats are exactly the same and my Gracie is the worst of the pair. When the maintenance guy has to come into my apartment, she'll run for the closet and stay there all day.

I suppose that's where the expression "scaredy cat" comes from, huh?

Ps. My Gracie's big brother, Johnny has the same attitude toward the food bowls--if he can see the bottom of either bowl, then it must urgently be refilled ;-)