Foto Finish--Spring Blossoms

Today's Foto Finish theme is "Spring Blossoms."  Things are getting so pretty around here--that is, when it doesn't rain.  We're seeing sunshine more and more, and so there is hope that the weather will improve and summer will get here eventually.  Here's my Spring Blossom entry:

Pansies.  I love them.  My mother-in-law always thought they look like little girls bending over to show their panties.  These are planted in the terra cotta flower pots on our patio.  Each spring, I plant annuals in my pots, but these pansies have come back year after year for about five years now.  I add snapdragons, gerbera daisies, dianthus, and anything else that happens to catch my eye.  I've always planted petunias in some of the pots, but we have a family of squirrels who find those delicious.  Now they go in hanging baskets that the squirrels can't reach.

Now I'm ready to see your spring blossoms.  I know some of you are moving into Autumn, and for that, I apologize.  Show us something from your archives, or consider that fall foliage.  After the gray days we've had here, I'm ready for some color.

With Easter here, I've been thinking about what to do about next week's theme.  Of course, the Easter bunny has been on my mind.  In my experience, the Easter bunny is camera shy.  But that has me thinking about other animals, and so I've decided to make next week's theme:


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5 comments from clever and witty friends:

MareeR said...

Gorgeous pansies - I love them

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Barb, I created an entry for this week. You inspire me on many levels-someday we will have coffee and talk f2f I hope. So my entry is my front door and adjacent blooming beauties. Gala apple tree entering her fourth fertile season. The pair of irises are encircled by bricks with a stone that says Tranquility between them; this is my sister’s memorial.

Kate said...

Beautiful pansies! Love the yellow and the dark blue. I have a scrap quilt under construction that is purple and yellow that reminds me of pansies. In fact I found this gorgeous, but rather loud, purple and yellow pansy fabric for the back once I get it done.

Thanks for the colors the last couple of weeks the Foto Finish themes. We've had so much rain, it's been nice to see the bright photos.

Stormy Days said...

I love pansies and they won't grow here. Thanks for the picture, love the little faces.

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful pansies Barbara!
It took me all week to get my shot(s) as it was mostly overcast. But this morning the sun peeked through & I was able to pull over & shoot.

I'm looking forward to checking out everyone elses pics now.