It's Uno!  George's evil nemesis!  Just look at those beady, evil eyes.  He comes over to our house all the time, and refuses to be dissuaded by George's protestations.  Is he stupid?  Suicidal?  Just plain daft?

They do a lot of this:

George tolerates him as long as he pays the appropriate deference to His Majesty, King of the Wood Box.  It is annoying, however.

Uno was part of a duo of cats named Uno and Dos for the number of spots they have on their noses.  Dos, unfortunately, disappeared very quickly.  Now Uno would dearly love to be friends with George, and George will have none of it.  Uno is the bane of George's existence.  George spends a good portion of his time plotting how to knock off Uno once and for all.

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

He looks a lot like my son's cat.
Funny how some cats get along and others, never do.
I had a big white male and he was territorial, but he made friends with an old stray, like he was taking care of him.


quiltzyx said...

My first cat, given to us by my aunt when she moved into an apartment, was Chaucer. He was mostly black, just a little white on his toes, and had a ridiculous tiny, squeaky voice (but I never said anything to HIM about that!).
He would chase ANYTHING that came onto our yard, including a big Boxer once, except for the fluffy white Persian kitty from next door. She was the ONLY approved visitor!

Poor Uno.

Maria said...

frodo my 8 year-old cat got annoyed when we brought Benito now almost 4 years old. we found the last one when he was 1 month old under our car. I took them a time to adapt, but now they get like a house on fire. Give them time.