Quilt Shop: Santa Fe Quilting

We visited Santa Fe Quilting as our first stop on our tour of Santa Fe today.  It was a great shop and I found some wonderful southwest fabric.

The shop was located in a long building with a sewing machine repair shop next door.  I had the idea that they were connected, but one couldn't travel between the two without going outside.  The shop was long and narrow, and if I have a complaint about it, it was that the merchandise was stuffed into the available space in such a way that it was hard to look at in an organized way.  Also, there wasn't enough room between the aisles to look without bumping into other customers.  I walked all through the store twice because I missed quite a bit on the first pass. 

Nevertheless, she had a beautiful selection of fabrics, with quite an assortment of flannels and Japanese fabrics.  There was another room in the back.

The owner was very friendly and told me her son lived in Portland.  She had also been to Fabric Depot and liked it about as much as I did--Not!  (My apologies to those of you who love Fabric Depot.  It seems you either love it or you hate it.)  She had a nice assortment of southwest fabrics that have caught my eye since we've been traveling in the area.  I chose this one because it reminded me of the petroglyphs we saw yesterday.  Originally, I asked for two yards, but as she unrolled the bolt, all of the beautiful colors were revealed to me and so I asked for three yards.

It's hard to appreciate in this image, but it has swaths of gray, brown, gold, sea green and mauve in it.  Very pretty.  Gracie likes it!

This is the only quilt shop I'm aware of in Santa Fe.  I didn't notice a classroom, but that could be because one has to go outside to access it.  There were a lot of doors lining the outside of the building.  I give this quilt shop four rotary cutters out of five.  I dropped it one point because it was a little difficult to see everything without doing a lot of backtracking.  Still, there was a good selection of books, patterns, notions, and beautiful fabrics.  It's definitely worth a trip if you find yourself in Santa Fe.

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kathy said...

I so enjoy hearing about your quilt shop travels. It's almost like going to the shops myself. Thanks for the descriptions of them and your scoring of them too.

quiltzyx said...

Gracie has good taste!

whimzeestitches said...

What a small world -- I was at that exact quilt shop in Monday, March 7th as well! We were visiting my Mom in Aztec and decided to drive into Santa Fe and Albuquerque that day and visited the quilt shop after lunch and a stroll through the old part of town.... I like your review of the shop - it was hard to get a good idea of all they had being split up among the rooms like it was.