Nearing a Routine

We had dinner with Erik and Mae (my son and daughter-in-law) last evening.  It was so good to see them again.  I do miss seeing my kids when we travel.  They were picking up our mail, which the post office will only hold for a month at a time.  They were also taking care of our one potted plant, a heart-leaf philodendron that we've had since we were first married.  Of course, it's not the original plant, but it's from starts off the original plant.  Despite the abuse and neglect it takes, it's still plugging along 36 years later.  It always comes back from the kids looking better than it did when we gave it to them.

They surprised us with the most delightful shrub:  a Daphne Odora, which blooms in winter and is billed at being hardy to minus 10 degrees.  It has a lovely delicate flower that is intensely and exotically fragrant.  I have the perfect place to plant it.  As soon as the rain stops (assuming it does stop eventually), we will plant it outside.  For now, it's sitting in my greenhouse window, and I'm enjoying it's fragrance.

We've been home for a week now.  Today feels as if the last thing I needed to do to feel back to normal was accomplished.  I finished my grocery shopping for the week.  Up to now, we were working from the food I'd unloaded from the trailer.  Tonight, I tested a new recipe, which I will share with you in a separate post.  I've always enjoyed cooking, and for me, that means testing new recipes.  I'm going to introduce a segment to my blog called "Test Recipe" and tell you about new ones I find that I like.  They will be along the lines of the "Traveling Gourmet" recipes that I gave you in that they will need to taste good, be quick and easy to prepare, and not make too big a mess.  I hope you enjoy them.

Tomorrow I will announce a giveaway for the restart of Fun Fact Friday Freebie.  There will be four winners announced a week from tomorrow, so I hope you'll stop by to enter.

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LethargicLass said...

Your picture makes me want to start my garden... of course I still have 2 feet of snow to melt first LOL!