Boulder City, Nevada

We crossed into Nevada for the first time this trip today.  We've been to Boulder City before.  It's where Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are located.  Any other time, we might be excited about both.  But we're just here for the night, and we've both seen the dam before.  We were excited when we drove in though.  Since we came from Flagstaff, we were on a road we hadn't traveled before.  When we came over the rise into the Colorado River Canyon on the downriver side of the dam, there was some beautiful country to be seen.  There were also high wind warnings posted by the side of the road imploring high profile vehicles (that would be us) to move to the left lane.  We assumed this was so that if we were blown over, we wouldn't be blown over the railing for the high bridge we crossed.  We both agreed that we didn't want to be on tonight's news, and so we happily complied.  As it turned out, the winds weren't bad at all.

This is a nice park and it has the first hot tub we've encountered since leaving Tucson.  To have gone this long without a hot tub is a major sacrifice for us.  We had all the hot tubs scoped out between Portland and Big Bend, but one of our two favorites was closed, and the other one was not working.  (Sigh.)  We've been looking ever since, but the ones we've seen have not been inviting enough to dip in.  Tonight, I think we will.  It should feel nice, although the temperatures have gone from long sleeves and jacket weather to short sleeves and sandals.  Nevertheless, it will feel good this evening after dark.

There is a cat running around outside that is about to drive George to distraction.  He's not sure why he can't get out when that cat is out there.  Further, there's a mockingbird outside singing it's guts out, and George thinks he could have his way with the bird too. 

There is one quilt shop in town, and so I'll tell you about that next. 

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