2011 Portland Farmers Market Launched

The Portland Farmers Market opened last weekend.  I missed the first one.  It was too soon after getting home, but I headed down there this morning with Erik and Mae.

They convinced me to wait for my coffee and huevos rancheros until we got down there.  We got some from the market vendors and it was truly good.  I just love spending time with these two.  They always know the good places to go.

Given the earliness of the season, there were a surprising number of vegetables and fruits there, along with flowers and garden starts.  These bleeding hearts were pretty.

Our Northwest apples are always a good choice.

But for today, I chose some rainbow fingerling potatoes and some pepper jellies (Ragin' Red Jalapeno and Hollerin' Huckleberry), along with some lavender-infused jams (Marionberry and Strawberry-Cherry).  I love that you get to taste all this stuff before you buy it (except for the potatoes, of course).

It's always a good time at the farmers market.  And this is why we commonly see bumper stickers in Portland that say "Keep Portland Weird."  Who would have thought it?  A bagpiper piping while riding a unicycle.

The weather was cold and gray, but it didn't rain until we got home.  A good morning, I'd say.

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kathy said...

How fun. We have a small farmers market here in Roseburg and it is due to open in a week or two. But is no comparison to the Saturday Market in Portland. One of these weekends we'll have to drive up there for the weekend so we can go to the market.

Mommarock said...

Which reminds me I want to get to the Flea Market down here before the weather is scorching hot.. I can't handle the extreme heat..I just overheat, and heatstroke well not good!! I just have to see if they have quilty goodies, as last time I went I was not a quilter.. I'm seeing it thru different eyes now.

Kate said...

Looks like fun was had by all. We visited Portland a few years ago. We had a great time, though Kiddo (who has lived in a small town her entire life) was convinced that there were a lot of strange people who lived there.