Foto Finish--Wiggly

Here is my entry:

This is the scenic drive leading up to the Hobby-Ebberly telescope in Ft. Davis, Texas.  We visited the observatory a couple of years ago when we were on a previous "snowbird" trip.  At the time, I was keeping a blog called "Ribbon of Highway," and I was always changing the title page picture each time I came across an interesting stretch of highway.  This is the image that exists there today, even though I haven't posted to that blog in some time.  It details our travels during that first of our snowbird trips.  I still like the way this highway "wiggles" through the landscape, and it was a fantastic view standing near the observatory and looking down on the Chihuahua Desert.  We attended a star party while we visited the area, and it's one of my most memorable events from that trip.  We are probably going to go back while we're in Texas this year and attend another star party--only this time, we'll dress warmer!!

Now, I'm curious to see how you will interpret this week's theme.  It could be so many things! 

For next week's theme, I'm thinking I'll choose a color.  I'm inspired by how beautiful things are in Southern California right now because of the rain.  So in honor of the vibrancy of the landscape, I'm making next weeks theme:  Green

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3 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

The "wiggles" theme was a hard one for me to interpret. Like your ribbon of highway photo. One of these days we are going to make it out to that part of Texas.

MareeR said...

Thanks for another interesting topic. Until I saw the other images I was thinking along the lines of wiggly insects.

Heather said...

What an interesting picture. Perfect for wordless wednesday. What is this Foto Finish Meme about? I'm interested.

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