Foto Finish--Dots

This week's Foto Finish theme is "Dots."  Here's my entry:

My son told me the name of this mushroom once, but I've forgotten it.  I believe it's poisonous.  I spied this guy near the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment in Washington a couple of years ago.  I just love fungus.

Now I'm curious to see what you've come up with for your "Dots" images.  And, in keeping with the shape of things,

I think next week's Foto Finish theme will be:  "Stripes"

Now here's Mr. Linky:

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Catswhiskers said...

amazing little 'creature'!
Beautiful photo

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Beautiful closeup! I left my dots but don't see my name... gotta run catch the bus to the quilt show!


Irina said...

that's a great shot!
I'm still thinking of my entry. I know I have a good photo but I can't find it!!!
I think that mushroom is called Amanita Muscaria...don't know the name in English though, it is hallucinogenic

Kate said...

Great shot! Like all the contrasts in it.

MareeR said...

Great shot - I have some similar ones somewhere. My photo is of a butterfly I found resting on the wall of our swimming pool pump room.

quiltzyx said...

All it needs is a hookah smoking caterpiller!!

Very cool 'shroom Barbara.

I have 2 pics in my post - I couldn't just have one! ;^)