Foto Finish--Trees

Today's Foto Finish theme is "Trees."  Here's my entry:

This image was taken in Yosemite Village at Yosemite National Park in October.  I hadn't been to Yosemite that late in the year before, and I was quite taken with these yellow leaves against that beautiful blue sky.  Everything in Yosemite is so grand and beautiful--even these simple trees in the lowest part of the valley.

Now I'd like to see how you interpreted the theme.  I'll admit that when I chose "trees" as a theme, I had in mind Christmas trees.  But then I remembered this image and chose it instead.

In keeping with the holiday season, I think I'll choose a color for next week's theme.  Next week's theme will be:  Red

I'm so happy that we had a few new participants last week!  I hope we'll have even more this week.  Remember, you don't need a blog to share.  You can link to any image-sharing site on the internet.  Remember to link to just one image, and not to a whole album.  Also, please leave a comment telling us about your shot.  Everyone is welcome, and I encourage you to join in.  Now here's Mr. Linky:


  1. Great photo. I'm always amazed at how blue the sky look when you frame it with fall leaves.

  2. I never get tired of photos of trees in fall colors.

  3. Love the contrast of colors. Beautiful picture.


  4. I knew when the theme was going to be trees I wanted to get one of the big cedar Christmas tree. I know it is not a very good photo but it is the tree that is important in this picture...
    Thanks for hosting this for us!!

  5. Great to see so many paricipating this week. I love all the interpretations of this theme.

  6. I'm really having fun participating in foto finish! Mine is a picture of an Arizona Palo Verde in full bloom. I thought of it after seeing your beautiful picture from Yosemite. It was taken on a roadtrip I took in the Spring of 2007.

  7. Very pretty....and very tall!! I love the color of the leaves. I'd love to take our daughter to Yosemite....I remember it as a child!!

    I did my Foto Finish a day early because I was having my 3 goddaughters over and forgot to come over to join Mr. Linky, but I did it now!!