Stitchin' Post

The Stitchin' Post is the last of the five quilt shops I visited while at the Sisters Quilt Shop. 

I loved this shop.  There is something for everybody, not just for quilters.  They carry supplies for sewing, quilting, and knitting.  Their yarns were exquisite.  They had so many patterns I'd never seen before, and I ended up filling my basket with them (as if I needed more patterns).  Who could resist?

The store is owned by Jean Wells Keenan and Valori Wells Kennedy.  If I'm not mistaken, they are sisters, and they are both incredible designers to boot.  I was having trouble with one of Valori's patterns, Firefly, and she was so gracious when I contacted her.  She corresponded with me several times about the pattern, and her comments were greatly appreciated.  They both create such gorgeous patterns.  Being sort of an art quilt lover (even though I'm not a designer), I just love their patterns.  Valorie's patterns are distributed by New Leaf Patterns.  Jean Wells takes her designs from flowers, trees, mountains and other subjects found in nature.

As with all the other stores I visited that weekend, this store was mobbed.  All of the stores had a somewhat "frenzied" air.  The Stitchin' Post was different in that there was plenty of room to move about, and they had two checkout stands.  One allowed you to sneak out the back door so that you didn't have to weave your way through the crowd to escape the madness.  The customer service was excellent.  This store will be the first on this blog to be rated with five rotary cutters out of five for layout, excellent merchandise, and customer service.  Don't miss this store if you find yourself in the vicinity of Sisters.  Even if it means a bit of a drive, you will be rewarded for your effort.

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