My Quilts in Progress

Doors of Ireland
started July 20, 2012
each block a representation of a door I saw in Ireland
Needs quilting and binding

Mumm's the Word
started 8/26/12
3 of 6 installments complete
pattern compliments of Debbie Mumm


Yard Art
started 11/8/12
"Flamingos in Paradise" pattern by Carol Burniston
8 of ten block sets complete

Quilting Snowladies
pattern by Chickadee Hollow Design
started 2/12/13
all stitcheries completed

Mulligan Stew
from the book, Hobo Quilts, by Debra G. Henninger
started 4/15/13
15 of 60 blocks completed


A Quiltmaker's Garden
started 5/29/13
published in five parts from Quiltmaker magazine
2nd of 5 sections completed

The Birds Return
started 6/23/13
cover quilt from the book, Q is for Quilt
by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes
two vertical rows complete

Forest Giant
started 6/24/13
from the October, 2006, issue of Quilter's World magazine

Wind in the Whiskers
started 8/29/13
a Block of the Month project from McKenna Ryan
5 of 7 sections complete.

Pony Express
started 9/4/13
two sections completed


It's Raining Cats and Dogs
a pattern by Bunny Hill Designs
started 12/12/13
2 blocks complete

Dream Machines
for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge started 1/3/14
pattern by Barbara Weiland Talbert
needs quilting and binding

Mom Cats
a doll quilt from the book, Cat's Meow, by Janet Kime
started 4/22/14
needs quilting, embellishment, and binding


Gingerbread Square
pattern by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studios
started 12/26/14
4 of 9 blocks completed

Live, Love, Teach
a project for a teacher friend who is retiring
started 1/28/15
28 of 56 blocks completed

Cats of a Different Color
2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt
started 2/5/15
from the pattern by the late Pam Bono
9 of 12 blocks complete


Chicken Buffet
started 2/27/15
pattern by Linda Huber & Bonnie Collins
1 of 12 blocks complete

pattern by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studios
started 7/6/15
2 of 12 blocks completed


Feed the Cat
pattern by Waltzing with Bears
started 8/14/15
a wallhanging 20 x 30 inches
needs quilting, and binding

Blushing Aspens
pattern by Frieda Anderson
started 8/20/15
a tablerunner with inset leaves
needs quilting and binding

A Cat is a Cat
wall hanging pattern by June Jaeger
started 9/26/15 as a part of a class by the same name
needs top-stitching, quilting and binding


a portrait quilt of my kitty
started 10/1/15
needs top-stitching, quilting and binding


What will be next?